Natsalan Harrison

Pilates Instructor

Having tried many different fitness regimes, she started going to Pilates studios in Manhattan Beach twice a week,  and found that it was the one commitment in her week that she actively looked forward to. Before long, she started to see and feel the difference in her mind and body. The idea of needing to know more about her own body, she went on to complete her teacher training with the Pilates Institute of Southern California in 2010.

Natt has spent ten years studying and refining her practice in Pilates.  She maintains that her practice enables her to have a greater understanding of the balance between the mind and body and for this reason she is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates with others. 

Her sessions aim to make Pilates accessible, relevant and fun!

In addition, Natt has earned both a BA in Commercial Arts and a Masters degree in Human Resources.