Kristy Moorman

Scoliosis-Pilates™ Practitioner

Kristy is a classically certified Pilates instructor as well as an authorized ScolioPilates® practitioner. With ScolioPilates®, Kristy helps clients manage their scoliosis pain through their education and continued training. As a classically certified Pilates instructor through the Ground Floor Program under the tutelage of third-generation Pilates Method Alliance-certified teacher Dani Beauchamp, Kristy helps clients learn strength, coordination, and balance. Kristy understands the physical impact of injuries and body challenges. She has dealt with several knee surgeries, a total replacement surgery on both of her hips, and rehab from back injuries. Pilates enabled her to rapidly return to a pain-free active lifestyle, and has given her a unique perspective on teaching to those with similar challenges. Kristy helps clients with their overall fitness but also specializes in applying Pilates practices in the management of scoliosis and in rehab treatment for hips, back, neck, knees, and shoulders. She believes strongly in Pilates as a mind body workout that continually brings new challenges and opportunities to learn about one's self. She has been teaching since 2011.